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Hybrid SAC Models
Out of the box, SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) comes with capability to integrate SAC directly with an SAP BPC data source (among others). Our clients are setting up connectors linking BPC and SAC to automate the push of models from BPC directly into SAC. These models are purpose delivered for extending EPM analytics to a broader, perhaps non-Excel savvy user base, or for unique business cases. In one of our first use cases, a customer developed a Analytics Cloud – BPC hybrid solution to pull their BPC actuals and plan data into SAC to perform scenario modeling allocations of overhead and departmental costs to a product and regional / country level. These allocations are easy to set up and adjust from a scenario modeling perspective, and use the power of HANA to process large data volumes quickly. Historically, these client attempted to do these allocations at summarized product and regional levels. But with the SAC-BPC hybrid model, they were able to easily implement a solution to allocate costs to detail products and specific country levels. On top of this new data set, they build fantastic visualizations for executive review and analysis. In sum, they took a process that took more than a week to manage in Excel – and at a summarized level – and replicated the functionality to massive detailed data in short order. The monthly process to reproduce these results is now minutes instead of days.

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