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Health Check

Here is a truism about most EPM applications; the underlying OLAP databases are very powerful for slicing and dicing of data. But over time, OLAP applications can start to see degraded performance. Or worse, result sets that aren’t where users expected them to be. If your SAP EPM system is not meeting its original objectives, be they functional or performance related, it’s like time to have a system review.

In a VantagePoint SAP EPM Healthcheck review, we assess the gap between current state functionality or performance with where you expect it to be. Our consultants are specialist in both the functional and technical optimization. After all, because EPM is defined around functional processes, the efforts around optimizing system performance is as much ART as it is SCIENCE.


“You should really marketing this service more. The value that we derived from this session was so much more than we expected.”
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If you already have SAP EPM deployed within your organization,best practices suggest a periodic Health Check be that annually, every couple years, or event-based. Consider,

  • Is your system providing optimum performance?
  • Are you getting the maximum value available from your system?
  • Is your organization following best practices?
  • Do you need to evaluate the completion of an implementation?
  • Do you need to evaluate a phase II or phase III that was delayed?
  • Do you need help prioritizing additional functionality to get the best return on your investment?
  • Is your original implementation still in alignment with your corporate strategy?
  • Does your business need an update on version updates to see if they are relevant to you?
  • Does your team need a “refresher” class on using the application?

A Health Check will provide answers to these questions, as well as, identify other opportunities that are frequently overlooked. Our clients have found this to be a very valuable service.

Our certified professionals specialize in EPM and have the advantage of many system implementations for reference. Our consultants are informed of the latest product updates including unreleased ramp-up versions. As product releases may or may not be beneficial to your organization, our team can help you evaluate the impact so you can make an informed decision on when/if to upgrade.

If your organization is considering a new application or resolution to an existing issue, a project health check will identify associated risks and benefits. Sometimes improvement is as simple as a fresh perspective from an experienced professional who is not involved in the day to day operations. Utilize our insight gained from many years of experience providing Enterprise Performance Management solutions across various verticals to improve your environment.


  • Identify tuning and process enhancement capabilities to address performance and user pain points
    • Operating system layer
    • Database layer
    • ETL layer
    • BPC application layer
    • BPC object layer
  • Document recommendations for implementation of tuning & best practice methods to support improving performance and process
  • All recommendations are offered as a prioritized list for the client’s consideration for order of execution. Recommendations are based on Performance Impact (high, medium, low) factored by Effort to Implement (hours / days)


  • Technical System Layers Review (technical consultant)
    • Operating system configuration and tuning review
    • Database configuration and tuning review
    • Other infrastructure considerations
      • Upgrade / patch status
      • Network / Citrix / terminal services
      • Supporting software versions (particularly Excel)
      • System maintenance routines
      • Governance and administration processes
  • Functional Review
    • Business case interviews with key stakeholders to define scope and business process expectations
    • Review of pain points, identified issues, and expected enhancement opportunities
  • BPC Application Layers Review (functional consultant)
    • ETL: data manager packages
    • Metadata management, transformation, mappings and automation
    • Models / dimensions / hierarchies / alternate hierarchies
    • Logic: member formulas, script logic, business rules
    • Templates: review of poor performing input templates and reports for construction / EVDRE setup / tuning recommendations


  • Recommendations and Implementation Efforts related to:
    • Technical recommendations
    • Operating system configuration and tuning recommendations
    • Database (MS SQL / SAP BW) configuration and tuning recommendations
  • BPC Application Recommendations
    • Recommended leading practices
      • Model structures (dimensions / hierarchies / properties)
      • Logic tuning
      • Template optimization
    • Key decision memos
    • Phase delivery approach
    • Prioritized list of enhancements / fixes
    • Project plan / timeline
    • Resource requirements; by skill, by vendor / client

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