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Business Case Development

Creation of the business justification that provides the details required for a credible and wise performance management decision is no small undertaking.

Determining the corporate fit of any technology solution are specific to each organization. Our principals have more than 20 years’ experience in understanding the efforts and benefits of implementing an Analytic solution. Our structured Performance Journey process works through the key points in developing a business case, utilizing standard content, sessions, and deliverables.

With our help, you will be able to define a business case for project necessity, prioritization, requirements, resourcing needs, or funding and economics.


Starting from the business need and corporate strategy or direction identified early on, the functional requirements drive the next sets of discovery. These include:

  • Technical Capabilities
  • Resource Plan
  • Project Economics


Technical Capabilities

  • Perform initial research into Technology Options
  • Engage IT to understand existing capabilities, as well as roadmap direction
  • Request IT’s help to validate the anticipated solution, including TCO analysis.

graphic_project_rolesResource Plan

Defining the resource plan is critical to determine cost and capabilities to achieve the need. This involves determining the resources required to see the roadmap executed and the needs addressed.

  • Put the right people on the team – knowledgeable, cooperative, and results-oriented
  • Make process owners and subject matter experts available during the entire process
  • To mitigate risk, spread the work rather than relying only on key people
  • Make sure extended team members understand their roles

Project Economics
Of course, no business case is complete without defining a budget. Here, we defining not only the cost of implementing the proposed solution, but also include the opportunity cost of not doing it, or even of delaying.

Using standard calculations and value engineering studies, we assist you in making assumptions about quantitative and measureable outcomes; such as improvement in Working Capital, Inventory, and time to realize Return on Investment.

Preparing for Success