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Benefits of a Successful EPM Implementation
Data integrity Business and compliance risk is minimized by having a central business model enforcing a single version of the truth.
Add value Spend valuable time analyzing data opposed to gathering and validating data.
Strategic alignment A common platform enables alignment between short term performance and long-term strategic goals.
Agility Quickly model new business scenarios and decide on a course of action that maximizes value creation.
Reduced cycle time Through collaboration in a unified landscape, streamlining the process of creating and approving plans, budgets, and forecasts.
Increased productivity Intuitive interface and the use of familiar Microsoft Office allows for ease of user adoption and self service.
EPM best practices Business process flows facilitate and document business processes, which assists with training.
Empower Finance A centrally administered application provides Finance with a single point of maintenance.

In addition to benefits listed above, VantagePoint has developed various functional enhancements based on years of experience implementing EPM applications. Customers may choose to deploy these enhancements during the implementation.


“The contribution that VantagePoint made on this project more than exceeded our expectations. Their partnering attitude and knowledge of BPC was invaluable.”Chief Accounting Officer, Retail Distribution

Preparing for Success