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Preparing for Success



Preparing for Success

A successful EPM implementation requires strategic vision, strong leadership and creativity, while utilizing world class EPM software. VantagePoint brings a dynamic balance of proven industry and software experience to transform vision to reality.

The first step in deployment of EPM solution is to acquire the correct software. This software should fit into the corporate planning vision and culture. Then, selecting an implementation partner is just as important as selecting the software itself. This implementation vendor should work well with the corporate team, and bring expertise in financial modeling and EPM best practices.

An EPM implementation involves a much different methodology than a transactional system such as an ERP. EPM is unique in its capability of business modeling, and it is primarily business led. The three main components to a successful EPM implementation are corporate commitment, software selection and the right consulting partner.

pic_partnershipThe Importance of an Official SAP Implementation Partner

The value of an official SAP implementation partner with real world business experience reflects significantly in the end product. We believe the implementation partner should view knowledge transfer as an integral key to the success of the project. Commitment from the client also determines the appropriate level of knowledge transfer. Executive sponsorship and SME commitment is required to successfully complete an EPM project and realize on-going value from the solution.

Selecting world class software with pre-built functionality that delivers financial intelligence and process management is essential. Owned and operated by Finance, the final product should be a fully integrated business model encompassing all financial processes and fits the corporate strategic infrastructure.

graphic_investment“If my organization goes this route, what can we expect for a payback?”

This is the reason why people visit our website! Of course, there are both qualitative as well as quantifiable, measurable benefits. And when it comes to the bottom line, most EPM customers find a return on their initial investment in 10 to 24 months, depending on the state of affairs pre-EPM and the complexity implemented into the solution.

Detailed Benefits for EPM Implementation

graphic_chartFor the Office of the CFO

Implementing new software can be stressful and time consuming; VantagePoint can help. We develop integrated planning, budgeting and forecasting processes tied to a long-term strategy.
VantagePoint works with our clients to help realize their vision by determining strategic objectives and identifying the most efficient business processes. We define planning models and business process flows which facilitate communication throughout the organization.

Management in the CFO Office

graphic_performance_journeyBusiness Case Development

Create business justification that provide the details required for a credible and wise performance management decision.

Our structured Performance Journey process works through the key points in developing a business case, utilizing standard content, sessions, and deliverables. With our help, you will be able to define a business case for project necessity, prioritization, requirements, resourcing needs, or funding and economics.

Our Business Case Development Process

graphic_checkHealth Check

This is true about most EPM applications: the underlying OLAP databases are very powerful for slicing and dicing of data. But over time they can start to see degraded performance. Or worse, result sets that aren’t where users expected them to be. If your SAP EPM system is not meeting its original objectives in function or performance, it’s time to have a system review.

In a VantagePoint SAP EPM Healthcheck review, we assess the gap between current state functionality or performance with where you expect it to be. After all, EPM is defined around functional processes, and our consultants are specialist in both functional and technical optimization.

More About System Health