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Our experience in defining a plan of attack for each new implementation. We’ve learned that these Principles and Assumptions held weed out potential issues and clarify expectations.


  • Build a common process, but with flexibility where required (i.e. by Business Line)
  • Simplify wherever possible
  • Improve performance
  • Increase participation
  • Decrease data gathering, automating the data integration where / when possible
  • Provide analytics capabilities


  • Define a Phased Roadmap: from crawl to walk to run. Deployment inclusions and scope are to be defined in Blueprint
  • Plan BIG, start SMALL, escalate QUICKLY
  • Utilize existing hierarchies from ERP Master data to the extent possible
  • Minimize offline processes
  • Automate dependent calculations for pull through results
  • Plan for future capabilities such as Acquisition / Divestiture reporting, Disclosure Management & XBRL

Solution Architecture