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Solution Architecture



Solution Architecture

EPM and Analytics solutions should ALWAYS be functionally defined. Their sole purpose is to address a specific business function, such as the monthly close, budgeting, or KPI analysis. As such, the process for defining the implementation of these tools must incorporate the knowledge of business process as expressed by the Finance or Line of Business teams. VantagePoint’s most effective implementations have begun with an inclusive group of client resources involved in our structured blueprint process.

After all, we are architecting a SOLUTION – with business process definitions, logic, structures, and points of integration – not a SYSTEM or even and APPLICATION. That would limit the ability of our implementation to simply the capabilities developed by a software engineer, and not reflect the uniqueness of what makes your business profitable.

Our Architecture Process


Principles and Assumptions

In order to set expectations up front, as well as to identify any scope traps later in the engagement, VantagePoint has established a set of rules that our teams operate under during the Design phase.

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Design Processes

Our design process focuses on engaging the entire user community. We work through expectations, use cases, requirements, pain points, commonality and points of differentiation. Our process includes workshop sessions, follow up discussions, iterative design review conversations, solution documentation, key deaccessioning, and final solution review and approval.

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Technical Considerations

graphic_compassIn preparation to start an SAP Analytics or EPM engagement, one of the very first steps is to understand the technical landscape readiness. In a VantagePoint SAP EPM system review, we

  1. Assess the gap between current state systems and vendor provided technical requirements
  2. Layout landscape (3 tier / 4 tier, physical or virtual)
  3. Perform a sizing exercise to determine the right hardware volume for on premise solutions, or cloud-bundle for a SaaS/hosted solution.
  4. Develop a project plan that includes a timeline and resource requirements to prepare the solution infrastructure

For more detail our EPM system review, visit the Technology Considerations page.