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“Just as bad as too much power in the wrong hands, is too little power in the right hands” – Author Unknown.

Design is critical in EPM and Analytics solutions, and it is often as much of an art as it is a science. Building reports that try and access too much data at once lead to poor performance, and without a guided analytic framework, Analytics systems can be trapping to users. Conversely, without proper design, the end user might be left with too simplistic a system to meet more than their basic needs.


To this end, VantagePoint consultants bring the expertise and leading practices wrought from 20+ years of EPM and Analytics solutions. This is critical to delivering a solution that:

  • Meets critical business process requirements
  • Supports user community
  • Performs in adequate timing
  • Lower cost in infrastructure to manage performance
  • Improves the day-to-day activity of the user, rather than challenging them

4 Critical Questions Determining the Solution Quality for EPM and Analytics Needs


Functional requirements – What do we need this to do?

Leading Practices – How has this been done before?

Application capabilitiesWhat can the software do?

Technical capacityDo our systems support it?

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The VantagePoint Blueprint process defines solution through functional requirements, leading practices and application capabilities.

Solution Architecture

Our technical resources hold a set of infrastructure and performance optimization review with the client team to determine the optimal system configuration, sizing and user experience.

Technical Considerations

We believe this is one of the most important process to ensure the systems are running and risk free, whether this is done as part of the design, the implementation, or post-GoLive

Healthcheck Assessment

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