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Rapid Deployment Solutions

Run Simple.  Run Smart.  Run Fast.

When you finally get the internal approval to implement a new software solution, you want it deployed quickly, predictably, and affordably. VantagePoint’s Rapid Deployment Solutions are prepackaged, fully functional solutions that include four core components: SAP software, pre-configured content, user enablement and education material, and fixed scope implementation service, resulting in fast and predictable solution deployments. The greatest value to our clients is that there are no surprises… based on a defined scope and predictable cost.

VantagePoint takes Rapid Deployment to a whole other level by including two proprietary solutions, Rapid Assessment and Rapid Data Acquisition.

Rapid Assessment
VantagePoint’s stage-gate process called the Performance Journey provides the fastest route to implementation in the industry.  The ability to condense the time spent in process analysis and vision planning, offers more time to be spent on proper refinement of the process and building of the technology infrastructure….. all with the goal of exceeding time and cost expectations of our clients.

  • Reduce implementation up to 4 weeks
  • Deliverables: Technology Roadmap and Business Case
  • Reduced time in analysis often opens the door for decision makers to be brought into these critical sessions
  • Brings Finance and IT together to collaborate on the development of the Financial Platform
  • Methodical road mapping session opens up dialog for broader technology requirements

Rapid Data Acquisition
VantagePoint in partnership with Datalytics has developed the first of its kind prebuilt unified data model that eliminates the need for complex data mapping on the front end of the BPC or Analytics Cloud (SAC) implementation… reducing risk and costs.

The Value to the Client

  • Reduce implementation from 6-8 weeks down to 2 weeks
  • Lower implementation costs
  • Reduced data risks
  • Easy integration to other tools like Data Services Stack, BI & Analytics and HANA

The Value to SAP AEs

  • Net new and existing customer growth
  • Reduced TCO
  • Increased deal size
  • Upsell opportunities via Data Services Stack, BI & Analytics, Visualization Tools and HANA

To rapidly realize the software’s promised benefits, you need a service provider that puts a sharper focus on rapidly meeting your unique business needs. Whether you’re a new or existing SAP customer, you want a service provider to deliver value throughout the implementation – while dramatically reducing cost, risk, and time to value. …that partner is VantagePoint.