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As business user facing solution, and one that is supposed to help them complete their day jobs, an EPM or Analytics solution must have high adoption rates. It is imperative to the success of the business case that the users know how to use the system, value it, and can access it whenever and wherever they need. To that end, the concept of DEPLOYMENT has a couple meanings for us at VantagePoint: Usability, Access, and Time to Value.

The VantagePoint Deployment Methods



Older reporting systems often require users to define reports, submit them to IT, and wait for a period of time before getting them back.Such efficiency is unacceptable in today’s world, especially to millennial employees who have grown up expecting response time in seconds. Now SAP EPM canbe delivered via HTML 5 web pages, making the interface look modern and user-friendly.

VantagePoint assists our customers in defining tools that will allow system users to generate reports quickly, regardless of whether they are tethered to their desktop, or wandering the field with their mobile device.

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Access – Cloud / SaaS / Hosting

graphic_hostingWhile going mobile is the hottest trend in technical solutions these days, Cloud / SAAS / Hosting follows right behind it. By moving systems and data offsite, many companies are experiencing a broad set of benefits:

  • Expense vs. Capital – Rather than incurring cost upfront from an on premise deployed system, many companies are seeking to use a hosting environment for the favorable terms.
  • Total Cost of Ownership –Cloud solutions reduceinfrastructure and hardware maintenance, also the need for EPM specialists who can be hard to find and expensive to keep.
  • Instant Updates –EPM solution can be maintained with the latest upgrades and patches to keep the system performance optimized, depending on how the hosting partners are contracted.

Time to Value

Though every organization is unique with their processes and accounting structures, there are standard processes that can be pre-defined to shorten the time to value for EPM solution.

VantagePoint has developed a set of “Rapid Deployment Solution” toolkits over the years, taken our experiences and partnered with our technology partners, to decrease implementation time and effort by delivering pre-packaged technical content around data acquisition, business functional processes, and some industry specific common functions.

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