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What’s New in BPC 10.1

  • Introduction of the new BPC Embedded version
    • Legacy BPC applications are supported as “Standard” models
    • BPC Embedded models are more tightly integrated with SAP BW / BW-IP
    • Click here to Learn more about when to use a Standard vs. Embedded model.
  • User Experience
    • EPM Excel Add-In: Drag-and-Drop report building to simplify creation of new reports and speed user adoption for ad-hoc report development
    • BPC Web Interface: significantly improved functionality and look-and-feel, all rendered via a modern, adaptable HTML5 interface
    • EPM Unwired: SAP’s mobile interface to EPM and BW data puts the power of BPC reporting and data inputs onto your tablet or smart-phone
    • BPC Web Administration interface: gone are some of the old kluge interfaces of legacy BPC administration. The new Administration interface is delivered via the web with a Fiori-like visualizations
  • Financial Consolidations
    • Consolidations Monitor: provides a dashboard-like overview to review where all entities are in the stages of close
    • Consolidation Controls: delivers the ability to define logic that manages the input of values. For example, you can prevent out-of-balance entries by putting simple control logic such as Assets must equal Liabilities + Equity
    • Improved Journal Entry capabilities
  • Back-End Processing
    • Enhanced support for the SAP HANA engine. More functionality is moved to the Application layer, from back in the database layer so as to minimize the volumes of data movement, thereby increasing system performance
    • Parallelization (Multi-threading) of script logic calculations
    • General Performance enhancements
    • Tighter integration with SAP ERP modules, including the ability to run delta loads
    • Real-time integration between ERP / BW / BPC data when using the new BPC Embedded model

Upgrades and Migrations