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Is it time for an Upgrade to BPC 10.1-NW on HANA?

Is Performance an issue for your BPC system? As organizations grow, or as their BPC system grow in complexity in response to user adoption and addition functionality being implemented, many BPC customers are finding that the system isn’t responding with the type of performance that users expect. In those cases, user adoption of the tool lags, and your investment in the product pales.

While significant performance gains can be addressed through technical, application, or process design, SAP HANA may be required for applications that have grown large and complex.

What’s large?
Historically, BPC applications run fine with dimensional structure that number in the hundreds or even in the low thousands. But if a single dimension starts reaching 5 or 6 figures, and especially if multiple dimensions in a single application reaches those member counts, your BPC application is considered large. The focus of large is one dimensionality rather than data size or record counts because in an OLAP system, dimensional structures drives indexing of the database which in turn drives Input/Output processing. The more dimensional members in your BPC cube, the more potential there is for the system to require significant processing time in calculations, writing input values back to the database,or even opening reports.

What’s complex?
Complexity is related to a couple key areas:

  • the number of BPC applications under a single appset
  • the movement of data between these appsets
  • the frequency of data updates to BPC from source systems
  • complexity of business rules, dimension member formulas, and logic scripts

The more complex your BPC system is in regards to these areas, the higher the processing requirements are on your system.

The good news is that the in-memory, columnar-store structure of SAP HANA handles BPC applications that are both large and complex.

Benchmark results prove the power of SAP HANA performance for BPC users. Take a look at some of these numbers:

  • 60x improvement in Report Refresh performance
  • 200x improvement in Report Query Retrieval
  • 14x improvement in Data Input performance
  • 11x faster loading of data from BW to BPC
  • 5x faster calculation processing for scripts or allocations
  • 3x more compression of data

If the performance and scalability of SAP HANA intrigues you, reach out to us at Our experts can walk you through your alternatives for getting onto HANA:

  • Acquiring an On-premise HANA license to bring the full power of HANA to your broad SAP environment: ERP, BI/BW, EPM.
  • Hosting your BPC application on a HANA environment with VantagePoint’s world-class hosting partners. Enjoy the benefits and Total Cost of Ownership of a SaaS structure for your EPM solution
  • Engage a subscription to the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC) for BPC. Enjoy all the benefits of a hosted solution, but on SAP administered systems.
  • Consider a hybrid EPM solution; BPC for your core planning / consolidations solutions, and an SAP Analytics Cloud and Planning subscription for detailed planning of volume heavy items such as Sales by product by customer or BoM level operational and cost planning by Product (SKU) and Location (Plant).

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