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VantagePoint has defined a proven upgrade methodology that incorporates:

  • a technical review of your environments (hardware, software, disk space, memory, network, and even Excel versioning considerations)
  • an application review of existing models (to determine what moves, what is converted or rebuilt, and what can be optimized)
  • a business process evaluation (to determine if the BPC solution design continues to meet your needs, or if the upgrade represents an opportunity to address pain-points and enhancements.

Our approach not only results in a quicker time to value, but also maximizes the value received from BPC by optimizing the technology and processes,along with new software driven enhancements.

With 20 years history of implementing EPM and upgrades, we truly understand how to deliver a successful implementation.

To ease your path to upgrade, VantagePoint will offer to host your new upgrade environment during the course of the engagement if there is a misalignment of project and procurement calendars.

To obtain a personalized Upgrade Assessment and Blueprint, contact our VantagePoint team at Our expert consultants will walk you through our SAP BPC Upgrade survey, as well as schedule functional / process and technical review sessions to define the scope of effort. From those details, we will deliver a thorough engagement plan documenting upgrade process and outcome recommendations for your unique requirements.

Upgrades and Migrations