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Upgrades & Migrations



Upgrades & Migrations

To upgrade, or hold off, that is the question. SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (SAP BPC) software and implementations are no small matter.When companies had significant investments in their solution, and if their systemsare running fine, do they really need to consider this upgrade?

Well, if they are running BPC 7.5 or earlier, SAP has helped make the decision. Mainstream Support for these earlier versions will be ended on March 31st, 2016. (See Press Release). With a typical upgrade implementation window of 2-5 months, the time to consider an upgrade is upon us.

VantagePoint’s Approach to Upgrades and Migrations

graphic_upgradeThe challenge of most Financial system upgrades is that they are not as simple as a quick patch. You want to take advantage of the latest capability, but not spend months getting it right. VantagePoint has defined a proven upgrade methodology and approach to most efficiently and effectively get you to that next version with all the whistles and bells.

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What is New in BPC?

When considering an SAP BPC upgrade, the first questions is “what,”“why,”then follow by“how long,” “how much.” Each BPC version release introduces new capabilities for the Standard, Embedded, and Microsoft versions. Updates to the User Experience are critical to address adoption and satisfaction. TheTeam will want to understand what business process improvements have been incorporated. VantagePoint, given our SAP relationship, is aware of these upcoming changes as part of our beta testing and ramp up participation.

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Is it time for an Upgrade to BPC 10.1-NW on HANA?

Is Performance an issue for your BPC system? As organizations grow, or as their BPC system grow in complexity in response to user adoption and addition functionality being implemented, many BPC customers are finding that the system isn’t responding with the type of performance that users expect. In those cases, user adoption of the tool lags, and your investment in the product pales.

SAP HANA may be address performance concerns for applications that have grown large and complex. VantagePoint’s experience migrating BPC customers to the HANA platform can be leveraged in your evaluation process.

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