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Roughly a 25 years ago , the VantagePoint resources began developing offerings to support rollouts of SAP EPM solutions.

Why Solutions Support?

  • Your software vendor will provide Enterprise software support, or a global SI might provide Application Maintenance Support. The former deals only with the issues related to software bugs. The latter is usually a technical-focus offering wherein you have to go through multiple tiers of support in offshore pools to find someone who can spell BPC without being spotted the B and the P.
    SAP EPM support from VantagePoint is different. We support the totality of your financial solution. No, we won’t fix software. But, we will address issues of usability, customization, performance optimization, and functional process. Along the way, we may differentiate what issues are related to application software (at which point, we can guide you through submitting a request with SAP support services) or to infrastructure and database issues (for which we can provide guidance on directing questions to your internal IT organization or to an external AMS provider.
  • Our Solution Support resources aren’t pooled staff with broad spectrum skills; an inch deep and a mile wide. They are EPM and Analytics specialists. They may be the same consultant who implemented your project in the first place, so they are intimately familiar with you application models.


  • Herein lies the tradeoff. We don’t have a help desk that you can call and get an immediate answer. But then, that answer is often, “let me escalate this to Tier 2 support”, who then escalates to Tier 3 support. No, we give you a personal contact to a named resource where you build relationship. They may be staffed on another project, but they will respond within an hour and they will be able to more directly resolve the situation. Our consultantsall share access to our Knowledge Base — a library of a decade plus experience in EPM leading practices, troubleshooting, and configuration intelligence.
  • Our standard support services are executed remotely. But because we are using real live consultants, we have the ability to bring them onsite to your company if need arises.

Clients for Life
Solution Support Services from VantagePoint provides our customers with the comfort that their vital SAP EPM applications are operating effectively and efficiently. These customer understand our commitment to their success. They experience firsthand the truism of our value for being a Trusted Partner. In turn, this create longlasting relationships. In fact, some of our earliest clients are still doing business with VantagePoint, 9 years later. That type of connection is rare in our industry of what have you done for me lately. But this proves the value of pursuing relationship as well as technical and functional excellence. Relationship that engenders clients for life.