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Project Rescues

Since the inception of VantagePoint, as a spin-off from the OutlookSoft delivery team, we have been looked on by SAP as well as by clients, as product experts. With this much experience implementing EPM solutions, we understand the traps that catch more johnny-come-lately partners who attempt to manage these complex finance / functional solutions with relational or transactional systems consultants. Frankly, the two don’t even speak the same language.

An EPM system implemented well is a thing of beauty that not only meets business requirements for Planning, Consolidations, and Reporting, but also provides self-service, speed-of-thought analytic capabilities.

An EPM system implemented poorly is usually a large, sunk investment for very little payoff, as pieces don’t come together, the solution doesn’t represent your unique business requirements, and/or it simply has unacceptable performance.

It is into these latter situations that VantagePoint is often called, by our partners at SAP, or directly by clients through word-of-mouth reference.

Our services for project rescues always start with an assessment of both the business requirements as well as the as-is developed solution. From there, we assess the effort to resolve the situation and present our recommendations to the client. Then, we can collaboratively work towards a solution that meets client requirements for functionality, budget, and timeline.