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Success Stories

Partnering with Our Clients to Accelerate Performance

Trusted Advisors

We’ve seen EPM systems grow and mature over our 25 years of service, and we differentiate ourselves by delivering more than just the technical implementations of software. VantagePoint is constantly improving to be the knowledgeable advisor who brings a well-rounded perspective on not only technology, but also processes and people. We provide our clients a roadmap for maximizing value for their investment.

Long-Term Relationships

Customer satisfaction is critical to our firm. In our long history with over 300 projects completed, we have never had a project enter into escalation with SAP for resolution.Our goal is to establish a long-term, positive relationship with our clients. Many of our earliest customers continue to use VantagePoint services today. One of them was a couplehundredmillion-dollar organization when we started working with them. Now they’re a $100B+ entity. We manage their integration of systems and financial optimizations through their growth, tailor solutions to their different stages of need.