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To compete effectively, retailers need planning tools with analytic and reporting capabilities that will easily showcase the coming waves of trends. VantagePoint’s experience with developing planning solutions for retail has grown out of personal experience in the corporate world by some of our key personnel. Based on that experience, and having worked with big box retailers such as JCPenny and Tory Burch, our consultants design and deliver detailed financial solutions for a broad variety of planning and forecasting solutions. These solutions empower retail executives with the tools necessary to adapt to volatile markets and consumer tastes.

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Our Retail Clients Have Leveraged SAP BPC to Improve Their Processes On:

Planning & Consolidation

  • Deliver accurate sales planning and analysis by centralizing from multiple retail, financial, distribution and merchandising channels
  • Improve accuracy of KPI (Key Performance Indicators) through the usage of tested models and methods
  • Deliver an enhanced revenue planning models for retail channels both online and physical locations by increasing details of sales data such as geography and product performance
  • Calculate and track line-of-business profitability using activity-based costs and other internal allocations
  • Increase transparency and audit-ability through enhanced detail and clarity of data.

Forecasting / Reporting / Analysis

  • Improve evaluation of business scenarios and opportunities through enhanced performance data
  • Increase efficiency of forecasting by simplifying budgets and automate calculations with data gathered in real-time
  • Use like store (sister store) logic to populate financial forecasts
  • Analyze comparable (comp) store data to get an accurate picture of performance
  • Increase visibility into store, product, and brand trends

graphic_benefitResults After EPM Implementation:

  • 30% reduction in hours dedicated to budgeting process
  • Increased in the number of budget passes completed within the same calendar cycle
  • Vastly improved in store labor forecast accuracy
  • Increased margin 1% by managing profitability
  • Ability to produce complete financial management packs within hours of the close
  • Manage Fx Exchange risk and produce constant currency analysis