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Today, offshore competition and compressed margins are putting pressure on manufacturers to have a fuller understanding on their market, products, customers and channels. VantagePoint designs and delivers detailed financial solutions for strategic driver and demand-based planning, as well as continuous forecasting, so our clients can stay one step ahead of the fluctuating costs and prices from global trade. The competition will not wait, and it’s essential for businesses to predict change and take action with minimized transition time.

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Our Manufacturing Clients Have Leveraged SAP BPC to Improve Their Processes On:

Planning / Reporting / Consolidation

  • Increase in operation and sales planning efficiency through utilizing proven models and centralized data
  • Improve detail of sale data including indicators such as geography to gain a better understanding of performance indicators
  • Calculate and track line-of-business profitability used activity-based costs and other internal allocations

Forecasting / Analytics

  • Improve data gathering increases visibility to new business opportunities
  • Improve accuracy and simplifying forecasting by automating manual labor and calculating indicators through collecting data in real-time
  • Increase transparency for compliance and auditability

graphic_benefitResults After EPM Implementation:

  • 40% reduction in hours dedicated to budgeting process
  • Threefold increase in the number of budget passes completed within the same calendar cycle
  • 12% improvement in average forecast accuracy with some areas experiencing significantly higher improvements
  • Reduced monthly close by 4 business days
  • Increased revenue 0.4% by managing profitability towards positively trended products and customers
  • Improved working capital by 2%