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Financial Services


Financial Services

VantagePoint believes that well-designed Performance Management and Analytic platforms can alleviate pressures from the “new norms” in the Financial industry: margin pressure, transparency of reporting, limited availability of capital, finer attention to liquidity, and the ever present necessity to reduce expenses. We address market and regulatory problems through the full triangle of people, process and technologies, and we bring accuracy, transparency, and simplification – all necessary for our clients to navigate in this dynamic environment.

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Our Financial ServiceClients Have Leveraged SAP BPC to Improve Their Processes On:

Planning & Reporting

  • Simplify reports on business descriptions such as legal entity and simplify reports from merging and acquisitions of different entities
  • Deliver speed-of-thought analytic reports, and improve efficiency through providing end users with tools for root-cause analytics
  • Enable better reporting of KPI (key performing indicator) through methods like allocate expense pools

Forecasting & Modeling

  • Automate manual operations to streamline periodic reporting to identify trends and variances quickly
  • Improve modeling for business scenarios with big data with enhanced access and accuracy to produce relevant predictive analysis for identifying correlation between operation factors to improve profitability

graphic_benefitResults After EPM Implementation:

  • Shortened the budgeting capture process by a whole month
  • 20% improvement in revenue forecast accuracy
  • Performed instrument-level driver-based forecast based on key indicator changes such as yield curves, FTP and interest rate movement.