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VantagePoint brings EPM experiences tested by economic challenges by acquisition, rapid development and the ever-changing resources landscape. No other industry needs this experience more than the energy industry, as they face challenges from geopolitical gamesmanship and the increasing requirements for environmental considerations. We work closely with these firms to develop solutions optimizing resources utilization such as capital, labor and equipment. We also address global influences when providing detailed financial solutions for demand based planning, by utilizing our library of successful implementations of other similar clients.

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Our Energy / UtilityClients Have Leveraged SAP BPC to Improve Their Processes On:

Planning & Reporting

  • Centralize disparate finical data from several ERP systems to derive an enterprise version of truth with accurate metrics derived from better data
  • Increase detail in sales data to include indicators such as geography and regional capacity
  • Improve analysis from manufacturing cost to capital planning by monitoring operation data such as KPI (key Performance Indicators) and BOE (barrels of oil equivalent)
  • Increase communication through implementation of mobile connectivity


  • Improve accuracy for analyzing scenarios and capabilities to empower evaluation of opportunities
  • Improve prediction and forecast through enhanced real-time predictive data such as gas commodity prices and daily operation fluctuations

graphic_benefitResults After EPM Implementation:

  • 35% reduction in hours dedicated to budgeting process
  • Major improvement in forecast accuracy
  • Expanded monthly financial close across multiple acquired business units, while shortening the time to close
  • Saved $2M in operational efficiencies