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Industries Solutions

Budget and reporting applications don’t look the same across industries.

Each industry has its own key drivers of revenue, cost and success, so it makes sense for their planning applications to have different focuses as well. Our 25 years in delivering EPM systems have taught us that no two organizations, even within a single industry, plan exactly the same way. If that were the case, the software vendors would have developed a standard content long ago and we would be working different jobs today.

That being said, there are still common factors valuedwithin thesame industries. For example, Insurance is concerned with Premiums, Policies, Reserves, and Investments. Retail focuses metrics on store-based, average order-based, distribution, and merchandising costing.

With a rich history of implementing Enterprise Performance Management solutions, VantagePoint deliversthe best-in-class solutions and experiences. We have codified knowledge from our many implementations and have developed a standard set of models, formulas, and interfaces. By modeling the future, report and analyze results, we empower finance and operational professionals across a multitude of industries to make optimal decisions.

Explore our Enterprise Performance Management solutions for each unique industry: