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Updating Custom Data Manager Packages when Migrating to BPC10X MS

maxresdefaultIs your organization migrating from BPC7x MS to BPC10x MS? If so, a smooth migration is all about the details. Many people know to review and update the Reports and Input Schedules as necessary. And, teams remember to migrate and validate the other logic in the models.

Migrating, it’s all in the details.

What about the custom Data Manager packages that were created for the old version? BPC10x MS brings new terminology that’s reflected in the Data Manager packages which may need to be updated in the Data Manager packages. Of course this isn’t even considering if during the BPC upgrade the SQL database version was also upgraded. This may create additional changes to the custom packages.

SAP provides a migration tool that can only be used by Certified Migration Consultants, but the migration tool doesn’t cover everything. Here is a list of the details that require manual migration:

  • Script Logic
  • Data Manager Packages
  • BPF’s
  • Insight
  • Books
  • Custom Menus
  • Custom SSIS Tasks
  • Custom T-SQL

As Daniel Jacinto noted in the SAP Community Network: “Migrations are dependant on the complexity of your application set. If you have a lot of customizations or custom SSIS packages, then you will need to redo all of that logic into a custom process chain. If your reports contain highly complex and nested EVDRE’s. You will invariably end up rebuilding the report using the new EPM functions.”