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Achieve Reporting Nirvana with Multiple Hierarchies

My_Bliss_editedFinancial organizations from a variety of industries think they are unique according to their reporting requirements. They will say things like, “We need to report according to GAAP, Management, Segment, Geographic Region, Tax, and,” the list goes on. We’ve heard it all. Luckily, these reporting requirements don’t make us bat a lash. With BPC, you can satisfy any of your reporting requirements with relative ease through Multiple Hierarchies. Setup mileage varies, but after that, you can roll your reports as many ways as your organization requires.

Define Your Hierarchies

For example, if you’d like to look at the data in a difference hierarchy than the one coming from ECC, you would need an alternate hierarchy to view your reports. There are two types of hierarchies in BPC, Standard and alternate hierarchy. Standard hierarchies represent your organization’s structure and alternate hierarchies are for alternative reporting purposes.

You can even define hierarchies according to time. If you’d like to do a year-over-year comparison or define a report for past data, that’s possible with BPC. According to your defined groupings, BPC allows you to create any number of alternate hierarchies and report on that.

Let BPC Do the Rest

Once you’ve defined your hierarchies, BPC rolls your reports automatically. While we understand your financial organization’s concern over meeting all the reporting requirements, the concerns are largely based on the way reports were done before. Your outlook changes after a BPC implementation. With Multiple Hierarchies, you really can achieve reporting nirvana.