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How SAP Cloud for Planning Augments SAP BPC

You have BPC, and it integrates with your GL. You get updated master data and other data automatically. Life is good. So, why would you consider SAP Cloud for Planning? Because you can integrate your plans between Cloud for Planning and BPC (NW and MS platforms).

BPC gives corporate the robust, enterprise planning environment that leverages the flexibility and usability of Excel. That’s why there is such great adoption in finance and with other people who sit at a desk every day.

But, what about people in the field?

You need to consider the new abilities the cloud provides, such as:

  • Strategizing with your customer about their activities for the coming year
  • Showing customers analytics on their personal dashboard
  • Build a personal “what if” model using that same master data provided by your ERP to work out volume pricing for the top ten products for that customer.

While walking the plant with an iPad, you can plan product mix, volumes and timelines. Or, confirm your thoughts using predictive analysis…instantly. Then, save the final version to BPC for corporate reporting. Cloud for Planning is the next step in BPC with a people-centric look and feel. SAP thinks that this will be the most modern and easy to use system yet, and we agree. Cloud for Planning is complementary to BPC, or available as a stand-alone solution for those customers who just want to use a cloud-based solution.