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SAP Project Myths

Since we’ve gone all-in with our technology partner, we’d like to correct some “tribal knowledge” about SAP that is simply plain false.

According to a 2012 survey conducted by one of the leading technology research firms, implementing SAP solutions has a lower TCO, both initially in the purchase, in the implementation, and in the long-run for maintenance, than any of the other mega-vendors. Moreover, small to mid-sized business have the opportunity to acquire value priced offerings for a smaller footprint. And best of all, SAP Analytics Cloud pricing puts the cost of implementing a cutting edge planning system with full visualization and analytics features within reach of any organization. Our initial customers in this space have all been in the range of $100-300M in annual revenue.

SAP is too BIG
Certainly SAP EPM solutions can scale to support Fortune Global 50 companies with thousands of users. But SAP EPM can also be implemented and deployed much more simply. Included in the cost of software are Rapid Deployment Kits that can shortcut the implementation time for SAP EPM down to a matter of 8-12 weeks.

And despite the size of SAP, they still prefer to work with small, boutique partners like VantagePoint in the EPM space because of our history with and knowledge of the product.

We have implemented SAP EPM at Fortune 200 companies with 16+ models and billions of records. But, we’ve also implemented it at small or mid-market companies where they entire database would technically fit on a SD card. Because SAP EPM solutions are fully configurable to the client’s unique business requirements, they can be implemented as simply or with as much complexity as you need. Again, SAP provides pre-built logic, functions, and templates that can simplify some complexity; right out of the box.