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SAP BPC Functional Solutions
Our organizational goal is delivery the tools of Financial Intelligence through world-class software applications and mature best practices. We have chosen the central focus of this effort to be on the SAP EPM suite.   The core pillar of the SAP EPM suite is Business Planning and Consolidations (BPC). As the name implies, BPC delivers functionality around all types of financial (as well as operational) planning, fully integrating those capabilities with a powerful financial consolidation engine.

Financial and Line of Business types supported by SAP BPC:

  • Sales/revenue planning
  • Expense planning
  • Headcount/staffing
  • Capital expenditure planning
  • Balance sheet and cash flow planning
  • Long-range strategic planning
  • Annual budgets
  • Re-forecasts
  • Rolling forecasts
  • Driver-based scenario modeling
  • Costing allocations and profitability analytics

With SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC), company experience reduced budget cycle times, allowing their employees to spend less time gathering / cleansing data, and more time on analysis.


SAP BPC is a unified platform in that a single application set manages common data, masterdata and rules for multiple functional financial solutions. Planning, forecasting, consolidations, reporting and analytics all from the same source. The unified platform means less systems to support, less points of failure, more consistent results, and a great level of trust in the numbers.


The core delivery interface of SAP BPC is the standard tool of the Finance department, Microsoft Excel. This drives high adoption as the users get an interface that operates on fully functional Excel, not an Excel-like tool that looks like Excel, but doesn’t really act totally like Excel.

In addition, SAP BPC provides an HTML5 based reporting interfaces that makes BPC functionality accessible from the web, from the cloud, or on mobile devices.

Process Centric

One of the core tenets in the architecture of SAP BPC is that the solution is process centric. The software is solving a business problem after all. It should be more than a simple database, but also provide workflow, process monitor, data entry controls, and customizable user checklists with embedded approval processes. In essence, the software was developed to capture the typical business process steps that your organization goes through in creating a budget or closing the books.

With SAP Business Planning and Consolidation you can:

  • Deliver a dynamic planning environment that moves you away from static, inflexible spreadsheet tools
  • Reduce manual efforts in data gathering and input, thereby reducing errors and increase focus on strategic activities
  • Automate many of the financial consolidation processes, thereby shortening the effort to close your books monthly / quarterly / yearly
  • Improve your ability to reforecast and make adjustments in your planning process
  • Quickly model business scenarios to decide on a course of action
  • Align financial and operational budgets with strategic initiatives and goals
  • Automatethe delivery of financial statements, standard reporting, and book publication
  • Integrate budgeting / consolidation data directly in a Microsoft Powerpoint presentation for your executive boardbook