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SAP EPM Decision Tree
Between the release of BPC Microsoft 10.1, BPC-NW 10.1 Standard, BPC-NW 10.1 Embedded, and the most recent product, Analytics Cloud, the SAP user base naturally is facing a bit of confusion.

VantagePoint has put together the following decision tree to help guide our clients (at least at a high level) towards the right solution.


Diving a little more deeply into the BPC Standard vs. Embedded decision, here are more critical points for consideration.

Why and When BPC Standard

  • Consolidations / disclosure management
  • Financial intelligence (asset / liability, debit / credit, currencies, eliminations, journals)
  • Stability
  • Resources
  • Finance / LOB owned system
  • Existing BPC MS models
  • Not on HANA

Why and When BPC Embedded

  • Existing BPS / BW-IP models
  • Tight integration with SAP BW / ECC
  • Significant existing EDW established
  • Scalability / performance
  • Need for multi-key figure planning
  • Internal resources with BW-IP skills available
  • Preference for IT owned system
  • Desire for BPC end user interface (reports / admin / controls)
  • Desire for more self-service reporting