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The Reasons To Move To BPC 11

  • Increased Performance
  • Responsiveness
  • Cloud Ready
  • Tighter Integration
  • Part of SAP’s Long-Term Vision

Yes, I’d like to learn more about BPC 11!

VantagePoint KNOWS SAP BPC!

Remember the Nike commercials from the 90’s where the insanely athletic Bo Jackson was put in ridiculous athletic situations and shown utterly dominating those events (a 6’1” 230# jockey??), much like that two-sport All Star did with football and baseball?

graphic_compassWe feel that our team is the Bo Jackson of SAP EPM. Our roots with EPM go back to the mid-90’s; in the days of Comshare System W, Arbor Essbase (which because Hyperion Essbase). We were part of the OutlookSoft team as Delivery Leads for the product line. We’ve been at the forefront of the product roadmap after SAP’s acquisition of OutlookSoft, watching the product mature into SAP BPC over the last decade.

Put us in any planning / budgeting / financial systems situation, and we will deliver. From $100M Banks to Fortune 50 Insurers, we’ve been there. Across most industry verticals. Any type of planning; from revenue to operating expense, balance sheet and cash flow forecasting, operations planning, payroll budgets, capital expense forecasts, annual budgets, rolling forecasts, driver-based scenario models, top-down forecasts, bottom-up plans. We’ve seen and built it all.

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