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Analytics And Visualizations

We often hear that data visualization is not data analytics. Typically this is the case. Is interactive data visualization data analytics? It certainly seems so; static pre-defined dashboards and visualizations are a thing of the past.

Iterative Data Exploration and Analysis
Without a doubt there are certain audiences within an organization that lives and breathes reports and raw data. Equally so, we must acknowledge that there are decision makers within the organization that cannot process pure data. For the most part, historically these users have been provided “pretty” dashboards that show a set of static graphs and charts or they have been supported by an analyst who would perform the data analytics and package the analysis to support decision making.

With SAP Analytics Cloud, we can provide an easy to use tool to explore live data and develop analysis through highly refined and “smart” visualizations. Should the user require raw data, SAP Analytics Cloud can help with that as well. Go from report to visualization back to report in record time without batting an eye.

Not sure which chart to use where?
SAP Analytics Cloud “smart” visualizations analyze attributes of the data to be visualized and suggests the most applicable chart or graph. The intelligence goes a few steps further. A pre-populated list of all relevant graphs and charts depending on your data, automatic scaling, reference lines, custom color pallets and trellising are a few features that will accelerate user adoption from day one.

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