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SAP BPC and Headcount Planning

The payroll plan can be planned using growth percentages, tax/benefit/merit drivers, or rather with whole dollar targets.

Other critical functionally covered in common SAP EPM Headcount Planning solutions include:

  • New Hires / Transfers / Attrition
  • Merit Increases
  • Tax –State and Local
  • Additional Compensation Components including Bonuses and Commissions
  • Temporary Employees / Hourly vs Salary / Union Employees and Labor Contracts
  • ExPats

By integrating SAP BPC with your company’s HR system or provider, the SAP BPC headcount model can be dynamically updated with the latest employee lists per department and salarly information.

With an SAP Business Planning and Consolidation Headcount Planning solution you can:

  • Applying dynamic and flexible, factor driven planning by employee or job
  • Planning common driver assumptions such as merit, tax, benefit rates centrally, but with the ability for local managers to adjust the calculated results
  • Establish rules for automating employee transfers
  • Model globally changes to compensation factors for what-if analysis

Headcount Planning