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Headcount Planning

For most organizations, payroll is the largest line item in the budget. But such concerns about data security and control over the data prevents many organizations from integrating a detailed headcount or payroll plan with their larger financial budgets and forecasts. Many utilize offline spreadsheets to track employees in their department, without the ability to quickly make adjustments to organizational changes, or even apply global factor changes. Heaven help those who try and alter formulas.

VantagePoint has delivered many headcount or payroll planning solutions, built in SAP EPM and integrated with the broader financial plans. Per our leading practice approach, details on headcount, salary, merits, and taxes and other compensation are planned in these models by cost center / department managers at an employee or job code level. Dynamic calculations auto populate the full payroll model, simplifying the planning of workforce and workforce related expenses, such as bonuses, fringe benefits, overtime, and merit increases. These values are aggregated and then automatically rolled into the total Cost Center expense plan and on into the P&L statement.