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Capital Planning

Capital Planning Many businesses are inundated with choices of where to invest their capital. Having a disciplined approach to ensure potential projects have sound financial valuations, are strategically aligned and tracked is vital to ensure success in today’s competitive market.

SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) has the ability to not only help organizations track capital expense request submissions, evaluate requests using a variety of valuation methods such as internal rate of return (IRR), Capital Planning net present value (NPV) and return on investment (ROI), link each request to the organization’s strategic plan and deny, delay or approve requests. SAP BPC also provides robust tracking and analytics after the capital expense has been approved to ensure adherence to the strategic plan alignment and realization of project value.

Some of the key benefits and opportunities of capital planning in SAP BPC:

  • Easy to use and administer user interface
  • Flexible capital planning models
  • Automated calculations to perform project valuation
  • Tracking and variance analysis to identify projects not meeting valuation assumptions
  • Ranking of project requests; the ability to not only deny and approve but delay decisions from one planning period to another
  • Run scenarios to determine impact on balance sheet, cash flow and profit and loss statements
  • Link capital planning to strategic plan; ensuring the right projects are funded at the right time
  • Advanced analytics

Ask us about retraction of capital budget and plan back to SAP ECC! Our retraction development library provides a unique opportunity to develop and maintain capital budget and plan in an easy to use SAP BPC Excel model and automatically replicate it in SAP ECC.

  • Significantly reduces the amount of time required
  • Eliminate input errors replicating budget from SAP BPC to ECC
  • Maintain SAP BPC as the single source of the truth for all budget and plan data
  • Leverage SAP ECC’s controls for project spend and workflow

Expense and Capital Planning