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Keys to Successful Corporate Planning

We have found keys to having effective long-term strategic plans include:

  • A long-term plan that is aligned with the organization’s mission statement
  • Long-term plans performed at a more summarized level of granularity
    • Quarters and years instead of months
    • Product families instead of individual products models
    • Customer segments instead of sold-to’s
  • A system that integrates short-term and long-term plans
  • Effective long-term and short-term strategy are harmonized
  • Strategic goals that are both quantifiable and have executive sponsorship
  • Achievable checkpoints, milestones and timelines

Using SAP Business Planning and Consolidation for Strategic Corporate Planning, you can:

  • Capture the goals and initiatives of the corporate strategy
  • Build a long-range plan that utilizes financial as well as operational drivers to model 3-10 year results
  • Create organizational scorecards reports to monitor effectiveness towards the strategy’s key elements
  • Set key strategic initiatives, establishing data points to measure and track
  • Calculate and report on strategic KPIs and metrics
  • Align annual plans and forecasts around the strategy
  • Incent and measure employees towards the corporate strategic objectives
  • As market conditions change, quickly correct course