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SAP BPC and Financial Consolidations

Compiling comparable financial statements to satisfy both local and international regulatory reporting requirements, is one of the most common consolidation challenges in today’s global economy. This impacts the smallest of organizations to the most complex multi-national conglomerates.

Common challenges

  • graphic_consolidation_chartHierarchical consolidations
    • Legal, Management, Tax
  • Time to “close the books”
  • Balance Sheet and Cash Flow production
  • Local versus parent reporting
  • Multi-currency translations
  • Inter-company eliminations
  • Minority ownership interests
  • Multiple chart of accounts
  • Multiple regulatory reporting standards (IFRS, Sarbanes-Oxley, GAAP, FERC, etc.)
  • Auditability
  • Data integrity

With the Consolidations component of SAP Business Planning and Consolidation you can:

  • Define a single version of the truth
  • Reduce consolidation time
  • Globally apply corporate standards and best practices
  • Work off a common reporting platform
  • Provide Real-time updates and reporting
  • Deliver Reporting flexibility
  • Capture a documented audit trail
  • Facilitate corporate reorganizations
  • Incorporate external acquisitions
  • Allow Finance to administer:
    • Hierarchies
    • Data loads
    • Inter-company elimination
    • Ownership
    • Journals
    • FX translation
    • Security
  • Provide Disclosure Management capabilities for XBRL mapping

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