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Research has shown that organizations who pursued a competency in Enterprise Performance Management experience a higher degree of ability to manage both topline revenue and bottom-line margin. Most of them (about 70% of these EPM using organizations) outperformed their industry average and none underperformed.

Broadening Office Domain for CFOs

pic_webinarWith an EPM and Analytics core, VantagePoint is focused on solutions that support the ever-broadening domain of the Office of the CFO. Our cadre of financially trained and credentialed consultants brings deep understanding of finance and accounting concepts to their engagements.

Backed by our experientially-derived, functional leading practices, we help clients experience greater value from not only their Enterprise Performance Management investments, but also for a more tightly integration between broader Financial systems.

Our delivery of EPM solutions covers the entire lifecycle – from discovery and business case development to strategy and process definition, to technology optimization, through solution implementation, and on through ongoing solution support.

The VantagePoint Solutions

Solutions covered under the VantagePoint Analytics and Performance Management umbrella include:

graphic_strategyStrategy – What business are we in? How will we compete? Which choices will create the most value for our shareholders?

graphic_costPlanning / Budgeting / Forecasting – How will we align resources with our strategy? How will we measure our performance and progress?

Corporate Planning Expense & Capital Planning Sales Planning Headcount Planning

graphic_chartPredictive Forecasting – how do we utilize the power of predictive algorithms to better understand the historic factors in our business and the expectations for the future.

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graphic_scenariosProfitability Modeling – Which customers / products are most success; not just historically, but into the future?

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graphic_calculationFinancial Close / Consolidations / Disclosure – How will we ensure accountability and encourage behaviors needed to execute the strategy?

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graphic_checkReporting & Analytics – How can the corporation adjust to reflect changing conditions?

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